Senator E.J. Pipkin: Letter to Secretary Hall Asking for Senate Hearings before PlanMaryland sent to Governor

November 3, 2011

Secretary Richard Hall

Maryland Department of Planning

301 West Preston Street

Suite 1101

Baltimore, Maryland 21201

Dear Secretary Hall,

The Senate President sent your office a letter dated, October 25, 2011, requesting you delay finalization and implementation of PlanMaryland until the Maryland State Senate could hold hearings.

It appears as though you have no intention of yielding to the wishes of the Senate President.

In a Daily Record article dated November 1st, you are quoted as saying “We have confidence in what’s in there.”  If this is the case, then certainly there should be no reason to put off hearings by the State Senate until the regular legislative session.  That is, unless of course there is an actual lack of confidence in “what’s in there.”

If the data used to create PlanMaryland is unimpeachable, then its presentation in front of a State Senate committee should be nothing but a simple courtesy.

I ask that you yield to the request of the Senate President and avail yourself to hearings before final recommendations and implementation of PlanMaryland.


E.J. Pipkin

Senate Minority Leader

Senator EJ Pipkin

District 36


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